Precision machining company

Thermoplastic and metal parts manufacturing

Manfroi Angelo Sas is a precision machining company with a long history started more than 20 years ago: a story made of men and work, and now represents a well established firm specialized in moulds design and production, thermoplastic and metal moulding, realization of inserts for tumbling, design and production of plastic and metal parts.

High quality precision machining

Initially oriented toward eyeglasses parts production, it has evolved embracing wider fileds and acquiring a considerable "know how" in researching and developing new technologies to offer a wide range of services and products: moulds design and production, cnc machining services, metal and plastic parts manufacturing, metal and thermoplastic moulding, moulds finishing and repair and much more.

Careful attention is given to the design process with the awarness that this stage it's the most important point of the entire production cylce: high quality performance which is time and cost effective, entails a thorough preliminary study.