Mechanical machining technology

Production of plastic and metal components

During the study and the production of plastic and metal components as well as during the costruction and repair of moulds and the plastic injection moulding high-performance and efficent equipments are necessary in addition to great competences.

For this reason Manfroi Angelo SAS is equipped with the best CNC machines, cutter machines, hydraulic presses and moulding injection machines: they ensure higher quality of ever.

Injection moulding machines, milling machines, CNC centers

The wide range of moulding machinery and CNC machines allows us to operate in the precision machining in various sectors: construction, eyewear, fashion, electronics, robotics, mechanics and more. Take a look at our mechanical machining technologies and solutions.
3-axis milling machines Number
Robodrill Fanuc (maximum processing size 700X400) 2
Traub a 3-Axis (maximum processing size 800X450) 1
Avon 1
Bridgeport (maximum processing size 500X350) 1
Chiron with double pallet.  1
4-axis milling machines  
Robodrill Fanuc (maximum processing size 700X400) 1
EDM machines  
Cormac with CNC control 1
Tecnospark with manual control 2
Cutter machines  
Agie 1
Fanuc 1
Metal parts processing department  
Hydraulic presses up to 300 tons  (Locatelli) 1
Hydraulic presses up to 150 tons (Locatelli) 2
Hydraulic presse up to 200 tons  (Locatelli) 1
Eccentric presses (Mios e S. Giacomo)  20-40 tons 7
wire cutter + shearstep 1
Hammering 1
Rotary tumblers + circular sieves  + turbo  6+1+1
Plastic moulding department  
Injection moulding machine 85 tons  (Plastic Metal) 1
Injection moulding machine 50 tons ( Arburg – Plastic Metal – Mir - Battenfeld) 7