Quick production services

Injection moulding solutions

As a company operating in the injection moulding of plastics and metals as well as in the designing, construction and modification of moulds, we are aware that time is the crucial factor and for this reason we have created a specific and quick production service: Quick 36 Hours service.

Since all the phases of the productive process are completely handled within our internal structure, we have arranged for a Quick 36 Hours service, that satisfies the client's request in a very short time. Shortly after the drawing is supplied, all the phases of the production process, including quality control, will take place fulfilling one of the primary demands of today's market: time!

Prototypes production and mould's repairs

You can quickly make the equipment for the prototypes production required to verify and test the product before proceeding to the final delivery: a way for reducing time and the cost of processing significantly. We are also able to carry out repairs, maintenance and modifications of the moulds using our experienced, know how and technologies.